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  AGC Presentation

at the Antioch  JuniorWoman's Club ​

Tuesday,  May 9th,  6:00 pm, 2017

Our president Jayna Legg gave a presentation to the Antioch Junior Women's Club on Tuesday, May 9th on our garden club and our involvement in the community.  AGC Member Barb G. Karen C. and Chong L.  were there as well for technical and moral support. It was a good opportunity for us to introduce our club and make the awareness to the community.  

  Trailmarker Tree Sculpture

Dedication Ceremony

Saturday,  April 28th, 11:00 a.m. 2018 

The installation and blessing of the Bronze Trailmarker Tree Sculpture ceremony was held in downtown Antioch on Saturday,  April 28th, 2018. The sculpture was created by the artist Dennis Downes who is a resident of Antioch, IL. This location was chosen as a known native American trail to preserve the history of Lake County, IL. Our horticulture committee members put in a lot of effort to design the landscape around the sculpture and help with the planting process. More than half of the members attended the ceremony. We are very proud to be a part of this. The following photos show the chronological progress of this event before and after the scene. For more information regarding the Lake County Trailmarker Trees, please visit the link

Earth Day Program


                        Friday, April 22nd, 10am-1pm, 2016

Antioch Garden Club participated in the Earth Day Fair sponsored by Antioch Community High School.  10 – 12 local organizations set up tables and either handed out items or had hands on projects. Two hundred to three hundred students came through, quite a few stopped at our table to pick up “Milkweed for Monarch” seed packets that were given out along with a poster on Loons. Both the posters and milkweed were provided by our member Joanne Dugenske.

Antioch Elementary school walked all three of their 3rd classes over and the majority of them stopped at our table and partook of our handouts. Especially popular was a live alligator that the students were allowed to pet. The Antioch High School sewing instructor set up sewing machines and any student that brought a t-shirt made a tote bag by sewing the bottom of it and cutting off the sleeves.  

Cindy Cartner, Barbara Gollwitzer, Joyce Kufalk, Cynthia Parker and Carolyn Yoakem worked at our table.

Antioch Women's Club Presentation 


                     Wednesday,  February 8th, 11:30 am, 2017

Our member Nancy Z. along with Karen C. gave a presentation to the Antioch Women's Club on Wednesday, February 8th on our garden club and our involvement in our community.  Chong L. was there for technical support and Barb G. for moral support. Nancy & Karen did a wonderful job representing our club. Many were not aware of that  the numerous things our club does for the community. Also in attendance were several other members of our garden club who are also members of Antioch Woman's Club. Great job Nancy & Karen! It made us proud to see not only nice presentation, but how much our club continues to "cultivate a nicer community".

  Earth Day Program

Friday,  April 21st, 2017

Antioch Garden Club participated in the Earth Day Fair sponsored by Antioch Community High School.  More than hundred students came through and stopped at our table to pick up “Milkweed for Monarch” seed packets that were given out along with a poster on Loons. We also introduced our plant sale event as well as native plants.  AGC member Joanne D., Cindy C. , Carolyn Y. and Joyce K took part in this informational and educational event. 

The 4th Annual Seed Expo

 Hosted by Round Lake Area Garden Club

Saturday,  Feb 1st,  10am-1pm, 2020

The Antioch Garden Club was invited to participate in the 4th annual Seed Expo hosted by the Round Lake Area Garden Club on February 1st, 2020.  It was very well attended by the public. A lots of free seeds for exchange,  also some wild native plants, garden tools and a very nice bake sale. The Lake county master gardeners, the Campus Farm from CLC, the wildflower preservation committee, the seed keeper company and a few others groups participated this event. Our club got some really great exposure. Holly, Jayna and Chong manned our display booth. We gave away over hundred packs of native plant seeds and club information brochures. Many people signed up for more information, or to be interested to join the club. It was a wonderful way to introduce our club to the public!  

  Antioch Woman's Club ​

Garage Sale Paticipation

Saturday,  May 5th,  2018

Several members of our garden club participated the Antioch Women's Club garage sale event on Saturday, May 5th. It was a good opportunity for us to introduce our club and make the awareness to the community.  Below are some of the pictures.

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   Club Activities

The Antioch Garden Club is a vital part of the Antioch Community. The members are exhibiting both civic concern and active involvement. We are committed making our village a nice place to visit and live in. We hold education programs throughout the year for our members. We organize the annual Plant Sale and Garden Walk events to raise fund for supporting civic projects, such as making donations to the Open Arms Pantry; Penny Pines Reforestation; Antioch Community Garden; Antioch Public Library; Arbor Day trees and shrubs purchases and plantings; Youth Horticulture Education program; Memorial services at the Blue Star Marker & Gardens;  Beautification and maintain the Village Gardens etc. We are very proud of what we are doing and will continue to make the contributions to our community.