April Garden Club Program

Monday,  April 2nd,  7:00 pm, 2018 

​Terrific Tomatoes.  Nothing compares to the sweetness and flavor of a fresh, home-grown tomato! Mark Lyons, an experienced garden consultant made his presentation at our April meeting on how to successfully grow this juicy, mouth-watering garden fruit in your own backyard or container garden.  His expertise gave us in depth scopes on many fronts to grow tomatoes, include some planting secretes and tricks.  He also can be reached at www.GreenThumbatyourService.com.

May Garden Club Program

Monday,  May 7th,  7:00 pm, 2018 

​Native Plants. Eileen Davis, with the Lake County Forest Preserve District made a presentation on Landscaping with Native Plants.  She discussed the benefits of using native plants in the landscape; how to selection and identification the native plants and the habitat requirements and maintenance of it. It's very educational. Check Eileen Davis website at edavis@lcfpd.org.

After the program and club general business meeting, the new member Kim Brandes was conducted to the club and received a jar of local honey as a gift. Members are all enjoyed delicious refreshment afterwards.

Mission on Help the Monarch

Monday,  April 9th,  2018 

The Antioch Lions Club donated $2000 to the Antioch Garden Club on Monday,  April 9th, 2018 for the Monarch Butterfly project.  AGC member Joyce Kufalk’s husband, Lion Rich Kufalk, made the request for $1000, supported by member Joanne Dugenske’s husband, Lion Dan Dugenske. The Lion Club then voted to increase the amount to $2000 after hearing about our Monarch Butterfly project.  The garden club will be working with several local groups to establish way stations to help the Monarch Butterfly by planting Milkweed and nectar plants (natives encouraged). The project has also got support from the Antioch village administrator that provides the planting site for the butterfly garden. Everyone has been very enthusiastic. We are very excited to get this project started. Our mission is to “Help The Monarch Butterfly”. 

Shown in the picture is Joyce Kufalk, Lion President Dave Moore and Joanne Dugenske.

November Garden Club Program


                        Monday,  Nov. 6th, 7:00 pm, 2017  

The November 2017's program was themed Succulents - Simply Beautiful by Gale Borger, who is a master gardener through the University of Wisconsin, Kenosha system. She has been gardening for more than 50 years. She founded Gerry's Garden in order to share with others the tremendous satisfaction one can achieve from gardening. She shared her love for succulents with us and demonstrated how to transplant and propagate the succulents.

After the program and refreshment, the club held the business meeting as usual and inducted two new members. Welcome Carrie H. and Linda N.!

   ANTIOCH  GARDEN                                CLUB

October Garden Club Program


                        Monday,  Oct 2nd, 6:00 pm, 2017  

The October program was presented by James Eaton, who has  practiced the art and science of arboriculture and horticulture for 24 years.  He is a certified arborist via the International Society of Arboriculture. Jim provided the diagnosis and treatment of conditions, diseases, and insects on all types of trees and shrubs.  Our meeting was held at United Methodist Church of Antioch. It started at 7:00 pm with program, then followed with refreshment and general meeting.  Members enjoyed fellowship and refreshments while learning!

December Garden Club Program


                        Monday,  Dec. 4th, 7:00 pm, 2017  

Holiday Decoration.  It's time for the holidays.  The florists from Floral Acres were here to lead us in a "hands on" project. We created holiday centerpieces for using in our home decoration or give as gifts.  Our club provided the decorating materials free of charge to all the members. Some members even brought their guest to join us. Everyone who attended was having a good time. Thanks Floral Acres for their support!  Followed after the program, we inducted a new member Gene P. and had a nice refreshment.

March Garden Club Program


                        Monday,  Mar. 5th,  7:00 pm, 2018 

The therapist Jayne Armondo and Elise Livingston from Creative Rehab in Gurnee came to our March meeting talking about how to get your body ready for the gardening season. They taught us how to stretch, move, lift and strengthen our bodies specifically related to the gardening.  And how to prevent injuries due to improper postures and body mechanics. Through slideshow and practice together at the program, members learned the right ways to the fun and satisfaction of gardening without aches and pains. You can also check their website at creativerehab.net

After the program, the club proceeded with general meeting agenda and inducted a new member Liz Winters. Welcome Liz!

Club Summer Picnic 

Sunday,  July 15th,  1:00 pm, 2018 

​What a great afternoon for a picnic at a park like private garden, in and out of a gorgeous house with a million-dollar view and delicious food. Thanks to our member/ gracious hostess Linda Fox, who made this club summer picnic possible. More than half of the members attended and really enjoyed the event. The pictures are worth thousand of words. Please view the slideshow below.

June Garden Club Program

Monday,  June 4th,  7:00 pm, 2018 

​Annual potluck. We celebrated the end of another year of gardening with our annual potluck dinner. Everyone brought a dish or two to share with. We reviewed our accomplishments from the previous year and explore new business for our upcoming year. An installation ceremony of new officers was conducted.  As our sponsors, the representatives from the Heartland Bank and the Antioch Lions Club were invited to come to our June meeting. We thank them for their firm support to our mission on beautify the Antioch community.  We also gave away the 2018 Nancy Zitkus Scholarship to Kyla Knauf-a former graduate student from Lakes Community High school. She is currently studying at the University of San Diego with a major in Environmental Science. This is her 2nd time winning the scholarship from us. Congratulations, Kyla!