December Garden Club Program


                     Monday,  December 5th, 6:30 pm, 2016

Holiday Decoration. The florists Lori Dupont and Emily Johnson from Floral Acres, Antioch lead us in a "hands on" project to use in our home for decoration or give as a gift for the holiday season. Our club provided the cost of the seasonal materials. In addition, Floral Acres brought fresh flowers available to purchase & use in the design. All the participate members were having a ball while creating the holiday center pieces.  What a great way to celebrate the holiday with style.  A delicious refreshments served after the program.      

  Happy New Year 2017


Antioch Women's Club Presentation 


                     Wednesday,  February 8th, 11:30 am, 2017

Our member Nancy Z. along with Karen C. gave a presentation to the Antioch Women's Club on Wednesday, February 8th on our garden club and our involvement in our community.  Chong L. was there for technical support and Barb G. for moral support. Nancy & Karen did a wonderful job representing our club. Many were not aware of that  the numerous things our club does for the community. Also in attendance were several other members of our garden club who are also members of Antioch Woman's Club. Great job Nancy & Karen! It made us proud to see not only nice presentation, but how much our club continues to "cultivate a nicer community".

Help Monarchs

                     Plant Milkweeds  for the Monarchs

We all know what a Monarch Butterfly looks like, but have you seen one lately? The fact is in 1996 there were 1 Billion Monarchs. In 2013 there were 33 Million Monarchs. In 2016 there were practically No Monarchs! Worst Year Ever! Can extinction be far behind? We need help to bring them back. All Monarchs want is a Milkweed Plant on which to lay their eggs. Only through a united effort will this project succeed and in turn, help Monarchs.


Please visit:

March Garden Club Program


                     Monday,  March 6th, 6:30 pm, 2017

Our program for March 6, 2017 featured a presentation on landscape design by Page Hunter. Page is a licensed Landscape Architect who owns Townline Design, a Waukegan based design-build firm specializing in custom residential landscape design. In addition to installing hardscapes, creating landscape designs for new yards and redesigning existing yards, she has also installed rain gardens, solved drainage issues, created native landscapes and prairies, designed children's playgrounds and created water features.  An early proponent of sustainable native and edible landscapes, Page also serves on the board of Green Town Urban Farming, which grows organic vegetables that are donated back to the community through food pantries.   She is also a member of the Waukegan Garden Club. The refreshment provided after the program.

  Wreathe Decoration for the Holidays 

                   Antioch Senior Center                      

                     Saturday, November 19th, 9:30 am, 2016

What a great fun time we had at our wreath decorating event. Despite of  cold and windy weather, 15 members showed up. It's our tradition every year in November to get together making holiday wreathes and swags for the Antioch community.  The beautiful wreathes then hung all over the public buildings in the city. It's a great way to boost the holiday spirit. Members brought their creative skills, ideas and tools to make this a memorable event for the holiday season.

   ANTIOCH  GARDEN                                CLUB

38th Annual Meeting
District IX

March 14th , 2017 Concorde Banquets, Kildeer IL

The district IX 38th Annual Meeting & Luncheon was held on March 14, 2017 at the Concorde Banquets, Kildeer, IL. "Plant a Rainbow” was the theme. Featuring Floral Demonstration by Jennifer Hunt of JH Events & Flowers. Our club president, co-vice presidents and two more members attended the meeting and brought back several awards. During the meeting, president Jayna Legg sent a post on our Facebook stating: "Congrats to Antioch Garden Club! Thank you to our amazing Horticulture Committee Chair Karen Coulter and our awesome yearbook editor Chong Li and all our dedicated committee members who made today's honors possible! The yearbook won first in our District IX and our Horticulture efforts earned a Gold Seal once again! I love our club and all the great works it accomplishes for our village!"  The attendants enjoyed a great floral arranging talk. Our club donated a fairy garden created by AGC member Barb Gollwitzer for the raffle. And speaking of the raffle, president Jayna  won a gift basket and each of attendant got to bring home a tulip in a bud vase. Here are pictures for sharing.

April Garden Club Program


                     Monday,  April 3rd , 6:30 pm, 2017

The program was presented by John Pini from the Chicago Aquatic Society and his associates. It's a creating your own indoor water garden project. Plants grown in water, similar to planting in a fish tank. They're very easy to look after, needing only regular water changes.  The club members and guests came with their own clear glass container such as apothecary jars, attractive vases or aquariums. The club provided all the plants. Everyone who attended the program was excited to learn how to make a Wabi-Kusa, one of many styles of the water gardens. And happily brought home with an unique plant ensemble at the end of the program. It was really a fun filled event.  For more information about the aquatic plant, visit the Aquatic Plant Society website at