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The trees we planted in Antioch Village over the years: 

 1)  2002: One Nootka False Cypress, at the new Bandshell on Skidmore Dr.

 2)  2002: One Carlson’s Red Core Spruce, at the new Bandshell

 3)  2002: One Limber Pine, at the new Bandshell

 4)  2002: One Colorado “Fat Albert” Blue Spruce at the new Bandshell

 5)  2002: One Colorado “Hoopsii” Blue Spruce, &

 6)  2002: One Seven-Sons Flower tree planted on Orchard St east of Main St.

 7)  2004: One “Autumn Gold” Ginkgo in the Mini-Park

 8)  2006:  One Columnar Eastern White Pine at the Bandshell   

 9)  2007:  Three Techny ArborVitae, &

10) 2007:  One “Bonfire” Sugar Maple on the corner of Main St & Orchard  

11) 2008:  One  Red Oak in Trevor Creek Park 

12) 2009:  Two “Princeton Sentry” Gingko were planted at Osmond Park 

13) 2009:  One “Autumn Blaze” Maple at the new Deep Lake Rd. Fire Station.   

14) 2010:  Two Crabapple trees at Jensen Park, off Alma Terrace parking lot

15) 2012:  Two 8 –Ft. “Autumn Brilliance” Serviceberry, &

16) 2012:  One “PrairieFire”Crabapple at the Memorial Bench on Orchard. 

17) 2012:  One “Firebird” Crabapple in the Mini-Park 

18) 2013:  One Black Hills Spruce at the corner of Skidmore Dr. & Orchard St.

19) 2014:  One River Birch  planted at Gages Brothers Park

20) 2016:  One Norway Spruce planted at the Bandshell

21) 2019:  One Swamp White Oak was planted at the Osmond Park

22) 2020:  One Autumn Blaze Maple at the corner of Poplar and Cunningham Dr.

23) 2021:  One Oak tree in Osmond Park

            Arbor Day Tree Planting

Arbor Day is a holiday in which individuals and groups are encouraged to plant and care for trees. It originated in Nebraska City, Nebraska, USA by Julius Sterling Morton. The first Arbor Day was held in the state of Nebraska on April 10, 1872; an estimated one million trees were planted that day. Today, many countries observe a similar holiday. Though usually observed in the spring, the date varies, depending on climate and suitable planting season. National Arbor Day in United States is celebrated every year on the last Friday in April. The Antioch Garden Club has been actively participating the Arbor Day for many years. We donated money to the village of Antioch to purchase trees and helped planting them all over the Village. It's our passion to beautify our village, protect our environment and​ preserve the natural resources. Below, you will find pictures of some Arbor Day events and a list of trees we planted in the village over the years. ​​ Hope our citizens of the village are able to observe and appreciate ​them.