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  Fall 2014 in Village Gardens

 Summer 2014 in Village Gardens

Spring-Summer in Mini-Park


The garden of the Mini-Park in Downtown Antioch is flourishing better than ever this year. Everything looks so lush, healthy and beautiful. Admired by everyone who walks by the park. Big thanks to the Horticulture committee members Susan M. and Karen C. for their diligent planning and tireless work, and for those members who participating in the spring cleaning,  planting and weekly maintenance work. We are proud what we do to cultivate a nicer community.

  Our Village Gardens 2014

       Spring Planting Day

                     Thursday, May 22nd,  2014

It was a beautiful day on Thursday, May 22nd.  8 club members gathered in the Mini-Park at 9:00am as the spring planting started.  The annual flowers were planted along the edge of the perennial beds; A third flower container was arranged with a big Hibiscus. Elephant Ear bulbs were planted in the shady side of the garden. Three Village Gardens got a layer of fresh mulch.  We have set for a good start for the growing season of 2014. We hope the people in Antioch will enjoy the village parks that we planted and cared for.  The gardens will only get much beautiful when the year progresses. ‚Äč