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Pollinator Pocket Facts

Contributed by AGC member Jim Fay

Free Milkweeds for Restoration


Monarch Waystation Dedication

Sep. 7th, 2018

On Friday September 7th approximately 15 members of Antioch Garden Club gathered at Antioch Township Center to dedicate our Monarch Butterfly Waystation. Our Monarch Butterfly Waystation grew out of a request by Northbrook Garden Club asking all Garden Clubs in District IX to approach the Mayor of their community and ask them to sign the “Mayor’s Monarch Pledge.”

Because of this request,  two of our members, Joanne Dugenske and Joyce Kufalk volunteered to approach the Mayor of Antioch and Tom Shaughnessy, Antioch Township Supervisor. Tom and his team at the Antioch Township Center wholeheartedly took on this project!

In the very early stages of this project Antioch Garden Club garnered a new member, Holly Swelha.  Holly embraced this project and not only engaged in helping create the Monarch Butterfly Waystation but planted additional plants around the Antioch Township Center.

Once again, the members of Antioch Garden Cub have come together to make our community a “nicer community” for all including Monarch Butterflies!

Map of the Monarch Butterfly Waystations in Village of Antioch

Monarch Watch is a nonprofit educational outreach program based at the University of Kansas that focuses on the monarch butterfly, its habitat, and its spectacular fall migration. They have received funding to distribute more milkweeds in Spring 2020! The program includes habitat restoration projects located in the Monarch Milkweed Corridor. For more information or application, please click the link blow for details.

Our very own member Jim Fay is a wild flowers/native plants enthusiast.  He actively involves our club's Monarch Butterfly Garden project and also helps the United Methodist Church of Antioch to establish a pollinator pocket. Here is a picture showing the brand new pollinator pocket at the United Methodist Church ground,  along with the information on the facts of the pollinator pocket that we can all learn from it  and make our own pollinator pocket at home gardens or public grounds. (Click the blue button below to see the complete information.)

Raising Monarch Butterfly

At home by AGC member Chong Li 2019

Monarch Butterfly Gardens


The Antioch Garden club has been putting effort to establish Monarch Butterfly Gardens in the Village of Antioch. Spearheaded by members Joanne Dugenske and Joyce Kufalk, Antioch Garden Club is working with several local groups to establish waystations in order to provide resources necessary for Monarch Butterflies to produce successive generations and sustain their migration. The project has received support from the Antioch Lions Club (donation of $2000); Antioch Village and Antioch Township administrations have provided planting sites (see the map below) and man power to help in the development of waystations; NorthBridge Church will incorporate this into their ShareFest program. Milkweed and nectar plants are being planted at many locations, such as Pedersen Park, Osmond Park, Antioch Community Garden, Parkway Ave Garden, NorthBridge Church and Antioch Township Center grounds and Antioch downtown Mimi-Park. It will be an ongoing effort throughout the year to make the Village of Antioch and Antioch Township a sanctuary place for the Monarch Butterfly.

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  Videos on Monarchs

Monarch Butterfly Gardens


Mission on Help the Monarch

Monday,  April 9th,  2018 

The Antioch Lions Club donated $2000 to the Antioch Garden Club on Monday, April 9th, 2018 for our Monarch Butterfly project. AGC member Joyce Kufalk’s husband, Lion Rich Kufalk, made the request for $1000, supported by member Joanne Dugenske’s husband, Lion Dan Dugenske. The Lion Club then voted to increase the amount to $2000 after hearing about our Monarch Butterfly project. Antioch Garden Club will be working with several local groups to establish way stations to help the Monarch Butterfly by planting Milkweed and nectar plants (natives encouraged). This project has received support from the Village of Antioch administration by providing planting sites for the butterfly garden. Everyone has been very receptive and enthusiastic. We are very excited to get this project started. Our mission is to “Help the Monarch Butterfly”.

Shown in the picture is Joyce Kufalk, Lion President Dave Moore and Joanne Dugenske.