February Garden Club Program


                        Monday, February 1st, 7:00 pm 2016

"All about Ornamental Grasses" 

Ornamental Grasses - Hardy helpers for height, texture, and color in your garden. Find out what they are and how to grow them. Learn which are native that’s beneficial to insects and birds; which are non-native that might be best to use in your garden. It was presented by Kim Isaacson, a Master Gardener from the University of Illinois Extension.

Program was held on Monday, February 1st. General Meeting  started at 7:00 pm at United Methodist Church Hall.

  Wreathe Decoration for the Holidays 

                   Antioch Senior Center                      

                     Saturday, November 19th, 9:30 am, 2016

What a great fun time we had at our wreath decorating event. Despite of  cold and windy weather, 15 members showed up. It's our tradition every year in November to get together making holiday wreathes and swags for the Antioch community.  The beautiful wreathes then hung all over the public buildings in the city. It's a great way to boost the holiday spirit. Members brought their creative skills, ideas and tools to make this a memorable event for the holiday season.

   April Garden Club Program


                        Monday, April 4th, 7:00 pm, 2016

Herb gardening was the topic at our April program. Learn how to start and maintain a herb garden and add herbs to an existing perennial garden. Many herbs that can be found in Northern Illinois were featured. It is presented by Deborah Finch-Murphy, a Master Gardener from University of Illinois Extension.

After the regular program, The club president Jayna Legg conducted club business, included approval of a revision of the club By-Laws; Recognition of our club founding member/current Treasurer Nancy Zitkus by naming our club scholarship fund as "Nancy Zitkus Scholarship"; Presentation of awards for Horticulture, yearbook and website achievements;  An induction ceremony of new members. We had total of seven new members joining the club this month. Welcome our newest addition!


 Cruise Raffle Winners

Undaunted By Record-Breaking Heat


                                    Thursday, July 21st, 2016

The Owner of the 1951 Chris Craft classic boat Cindy Cartner wrote:

It’s not an easy task to get 8 peoples’ schedules to align.  So when the agreed upon date of the Raffle Cruise neared, I was surprised that everyone but me was game to be on the lakes in heat index temps of 107 degrees.

Our winner, Karen Coulter and family, enjoyed a few hours touring the Chain O Lakes aboard our 1951 Chris Craft classic boat.  Both sun and shade lovers had plenty of room aboard.

David’s Bistro, in downtown Antioch, provided the perfect picnic lunch with 3 varieties of wraps, 2 salads, and yummy chocolate chip cookies for dessert.  A big “Thank You” for supplying food and all supplies needed for lunch on the water. I encourage all to support businesses that support our Club.

Also, a big “atta boy” to my husband, Ted, who conceived the Raffle. Unfortunately, he was unable to captain the cruise due to family needs out-of-state.

I’d like to thank all Antioch Garden Club members who participated in this fundraising event.  If you bought tickets or sold them to friends, your contributions are very much appreciated.

  September Garden Club Program


                     Monday,  September 12th, 6:30 pm, 2016

"A walk through our Village Gardens"

Members and guests met at the Mini-park at 6:30 p.m., toured the garden and then on to the gardens on Orchard Street, which include the Berm Garden , Seven-Son  Flower Tree Garden and Arbor Day Garden. Finally, we visited the Blue Star Memorial Garden. Our horticulture committee chairwoman Karen Coulter did the  commentary for the walk and answer questions.  After the walk, the members went back to the meeting place at the United Methodist Church Hall to have our potluck dinner and regular business meeting. It was a very informative event to get our members more acquainted to the gardens.

Big thanks to AGC member Cindy and Her Husband Ted for there contribution to the club!

   ANTIOCH  GARDEN                                CLUB

  July Garden Club Program


                             Saturday, July 16th 3:30 pm, 2016

"Summer Garden Walk"

On  Saturday 16th afternoon approximately 15 members of AGC and 2 guests toured four of our member’s gardens.  We met at “United Methodist Church” of Antioch and carpooled together.

Our first garden had both sunny and shady areas with a dense woodland surrounding ponds and a darling getaway cabin that more than one member said “I want that!”  This garden is located on a hilltop providing sloping areas that provide lots of visual interest. We saw one of the largest and oldest linden trees in the area.  Magnificent shade tree.

Second garden was a very detailed planned garden. It has a wonderful color scheme of orange and yellow. Off the back of this home was a deck that was built and furnished to not only provide a great view of the back acreage but the perfect area to entertain outdoors. Going down the winding driveway gave us a real feel of country and seclusion.

Our third garden had quite a variety of coneflowers and had even created a "penny ball" and had an example of how to use a pallet to hang plants.  This garden was in a subdivision but backs up to an open conservation area, lots of birds were sighted.  This member was gracious enough to have refreshments served on her delightful patio area.

Back to town for our final garden, an excellent example of an urban garden.  There was a beautiful shady garden in the back yard, with a swamp maple that was over 50 years old!  Several of our members recognized plants from this “charter” members yard that they have purchased at our annual plant sale.

As a club we appreciate the members that opened their gardens to us and the members that provided refreshments.  It was a glorious day. We look forward to repeating this event in 2017!

 March Garden Club Program


                        Monday, March 7th, 7:00 pm 2016

Susan Williamson and Kim Isaacson, Master Gardeners from the University of Illinois Extension presented the program-Perennial at our March general meeting. It was focused on selected perennials and their care. A lot of unusual perennial species that available in the market in our area were introduced with slideshow and printed materials. 

After the horticultural program, the members participated a Mad Hatter Contest.  Many members were wearing self made decorative hat to show off their creative and artistic side of telents. The categories of the contest include Fun, Creative and Spring. Three members won nice prices. It was a fun filled event.

The boat owner Cindy with raffle Winners

Earth Day Program


                        Friday, April 22nd, 10am-1pm, 2016

Antioch Garden Club participated in the Earth Day Fair sponsored by Antioch Community High School.  10 – 12 local organizations set up tables and either handed out items or had hands on projects. Two hundred to three hundred students came through, quite a few stopped at our table to pick up “Milkweed for Monarch” seed packets that were given out along with a poster on Loons. Both the posters and milkweed were provided by our member Joanne Dugenske.

Antioch Elementary school walked all three of their 3rd classes over and the majority of them stopped at our table and partook of our handouts. Especially popular was a live alligator that the students were allowed to pet. The Antioch High School sewing instructor set up sewing machines and any student that brought a t-shirt made a tote bag by sewing the bottom of it and cutting off the sleeves.  

Cindy Cartner, Barbara Gollwitzer, Joyce Kufalk, Cynthia Parker and Carolyn Yoakem worked at our table.

  October Garden Club Program


                     Monday,  October 3rd, 6:30 pm, 2016

Beekeeping primer with Peter Poli of Humdinger Honey Works out of Wilmot WI.  An introduction to beekeeping, what you need to know for the first year, what you can do to help bees without keeping them. Peter had his products available for purchase as well.

Members learned a lot from this program on beekeeping.

The boat owner Cindy and Captain Ron

  November Garden Club Program


                     Monday,  November 7th, 6:30 pm, 2016

Herb Gardening. Gale Borger is a master gardener through the University of Wisconsin, Kenosha system.  She has been gardening for more than 50 years. She founded Gerry's       Garden in order to share with others the tremendous satisfaction one can achieve from gardening.  She shared with us her love for herbs, introduced many varieties of herbs and tips on how to grow herbs in home gardens.  Visit Gerry’s Garden at  gerrysgardenshop.com. 

   May Garden Club Program


                        Monday, May 2nd, 7:00 pm, 2016

Basic vegetable gardening - Harvest a burst of flavor and nutrition with the basics, including planning (site, vegetable and supplies selection), preparing soil bed for planting, and caring for the vegetable garden. Planting time for warm and cool season vegetables was discussed. It was presented by Andy Brugger, a Master Gardener from the University of Illinois Extension.

  December Garden Club Program


                     Monday,  December 5th, 6:30 pm, 2016

Holiday Decoration. The florists Lori Dupont and Emily Johnson from Floral Acres, Antioch lead us in a "hands on" project to use in our home for decoration or give as a gift for the holiday season. Our club provided the cost of the seasonal materials. In addition, Floral Acres brought fresh flowers available to purchase & use in the design. All the participate members were having a ball while creating the holiday center pieces.  What a great way to celebrate the holiday with style.  A delicious refreshments served after the program.      

   June Garden Club Program


                         Monday,  June 6th, 7:00 pm, 2016

"Summer Celebration Potluck"

As the fiscal year winds down, we celebrated our successful garden year with a potluck dinner at our usual gathering place United Methodist Church Hall. Every member brought a dish to share. We had a ceremony for the AGC Nancy Zitkus Scholarship Award. Bernard Kondenar from Antioch accepted award for this honor.  We also held an  induction ceremony for our club officers.  We are looking forward to another successful fiscal year of the Antioch Garden Club.