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    Antioch Public Library


Antioch Garden Club has been donating books to the Antioch Public Library over the years to promote the environmental and horticultural education and raise the awareness

of conservation for our Natural resources. We also donate flower arrangements to the Library as part of the beautification to our community.

Penny Pines Reforestation Program

The national forests in California cover some 20 million acres, or about 1/5 of the state. That is equal to an area just slightly larger than the state of South Carolina . Stretching from the Mexican border to Oregon, these forests include a variety of terrain and vegetation types. These areas of great beauty and majestic stature are plagued by divesting problems, such as natural and man-caused fire, pests and disease. These cause vast depletion and destruction of the national forests in California. In time some land may recover naturally. Penny Pines provides a helping hand. It is a conservation program in which everyone can participate. In 1941, California's first Penny Pines plantation was sponsored by the San Francisco Sportswomens' Association. The Penny Pines program was so successful that money contributed to purchase seedlings soon far exceeded appropriated funds available for site preparation and for the actual planting job. In 1964, the original cooperative agreement was rewritten to provide that funds contributed under the Penny Pines program be used for reforestation, rather than solely for purchasing seedlings. For detailed information, click the link: 

 Antioch Community Garden

Antioch Garden club supports the Antioch Community Garden which is located in the middle of downtown, between Depot and Orchard Streets, just east of Main Street on village-owned property. The garden coordinator, Melonnie Hartl, who spearheaded the project in 2011 as a member of the village environmental commission is also an former Antioch Garden Club member. This community garden has more than doubled in size to 46 plots in 3 years, with more than half of them already committed to returning gardeners. Each plot is a 10 x 20 foot space with water available on site. The Garden is also unique because it has been amended with reclaimed soil from the Chain O’ Lakes which is rich in nutrients. Gardeners need to provide their own tools, seeds and labor. Composting is also available as several composting bins have been donated to the garden. The participating gardeners are well aware of the needs in the community and donate a portion of their harvest to families and individuals who are food insecure.  It's pleasantly surprised by the garden’s success after only a few seasons. The Community Garden has donated hundreds of pounds of produce to Open Arms Mission Food Pantry every year. For more information or an application, call The Antioch Village Hall at (847) 395-1000

        Open Arms Mission


The Open Arms Mission is a holistic community organization providing daily living necessities while encouraging self-sufficiency for individuals and families in need in the local community. Antioch Garden Club has been a firm support to this mission by annually money donation. Our members also participate the volunteer work and donate fresh vegetables to the Food Pantry. We care our community!


It's our passion and sense of responsibilities to practice philanthropy within our reach. We raise fund through Plant Sale, Garden Walk, raffle tickets sale on the general meeting and other ways and means events. These events enable us to reach out to those who need help, such as for Open Arms mission.  We also make our contributions to the projects that promote the education resources, beautification of out community, conservation of natural resources and protection of wildlife. In the local level, the maintenance of 5 village gardens, holiday wreath decoration, Arbor day tree purchase and planting, education scholarship for the local school horticultural projects, donation to the Antioch Community Garden, donate books and flower arrangements to the Antioch Public Library. In the states level, we make donation to the Penny Pines Forest Restoration project, Lincoln Memorial Gardens in Springfield IL, Garden Club of Illinois scholarship fund. Below are some of the detailed examples and links.