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All programs are subject to change due to Covid-19 pandemic


History of Antioch Village Gardens.  Holly Markwart Swehla, our horticulture committee chair, will give a presentation on three perennial gardens in Antioch that we care:  The Mini Park Garden, The Berm Garden and the Seven Sons Garden.


Tour and history of Tim Osmond Park Sports Complex. Osmond Park is a 78 acre park in Antioch which is being spear-headed by Tom Shaughnessy Supervisor of Antioch township. There are several local organizations that are involved as well. Our club is assisting in the area of adding native flowers and trees. Native flowers around the disc golf greens, native trees in the wooded area. We have already started a butterfly way station. The history of the park will be presented by a member of Tom Shaughnessy's team.


Incredible Bats. Since 1996 Sharon and Daniel Peterson have been promoting bat education through these presentations. Sharing her experiences, Sharon will teach and inform her audience about the many benefits of this misunderstood and feared creature. Sharon Peterson, M.S. Ed.., is an elementary school teacher/librarian and has been trained by Bat Conservation International in the conservation of bats. Daniel is a bat naturalist. The couple have traveled to 10 states across the Midwest and Canada with their program.


Holiday Plants. Present by Floral Acres. Plant breeders have created a gorgeous selection of over 100 varieties of cultivated Euphorbia pulcherrima (poinsettias) in various shades. And Schlumbergera (Christmas Cactus), a small genus of cacti with six to nine species found in the coastal mountains of south-eastern Brazil. They are now everywhere during the holiday season. Find out what you should know about these Beautiful holiday plants.

MARCH, 2022

Let's Get Growing: Vegetable Gardening University of Illinois Master Gardener of Lake County will present this program. Looking to start a vegetable garden? This presentation covers all the basics including planning the garden (site selection, vegetable selection and supplies), preparing the soil, proper planting techniques, and caring for the established gar-den. Planting times for warm and cool season vegetables are discussed as well.

APRIL, 2022

Dividing Perennials. Our fellow AGC member Cindy Cartner will give a presentation on dividing perennials. She is going to discuss the dos and Dons of dividing our prized plants, mean while showing her video of “Transplanting 101”.

Invasive Plants of Illinois. Presented by another AGC member Jane Buck, a master gardener and flower show judge. She will do a PowerPoint presentation of invasive plants of Illinois.

JUNE, 2022

Potluck Luncheon. To celebrate the end of another fiscal year of gardening, we will have our spring potluck luncheon. Bring a dish to share. We will review our accomplishments of the previous year and explore new business for our upcoming year. An installation ceremony of new officers will be conducted. Scholarship winner and awards will be presented.

JULY, 2022

Summer Outing.  Whether viewing members’ gardens or having a picnic at one of our members’ homes, that’s the fun we have had in the past! Over the several years, members have graciously offered to host a summer outing at their homes. We again look forward to another fun gathering in 2022. The detailed information will be determined by early 2022.

 Educational Lecture Programs

We have the educational lecture programs throughout the year. Most of them are held at the monthly general meeting. These lectures are covered wide range of subjects and interests. All the members are encouraged to attend and have been very well received. Below are the scheduled programs for the season of 2021-2022 year.