Butterflies &  Blooms

 Chicago Botanic Garden

May 28th to Sep 5th  5, 2016  10 am- 5 pm daily

Butterflies & Blooms is a butterfly exhibition where visitors can immerse themselves in a habitat filled with hundreds of live butterflies. This exhibition is filled with species native to South America, Asia, North America, and Africa, as well as those native to Illinois.

The 2,800-square-foot white mesh enclosure is located on the Annex Road, as you head out from the Visitor Center to McDonald Woods.

Up to 500 butterflies can be seen at any one visit. Visitors can also observe butterflies hatching through a window into the pupa emergence room.

 Chinese Lantern Festival

Yuyuan Garden,  January 2017, Shanghai, China

Chinese New Year, also called Spring Festival, is a holiday that one sixth of the world’s population will celebrate with friends & family.  Chinese New Year is kind of like Christmas & New Year all rolled into one. Which is why the weeks-long celebration takes on almost an epic quality with spectacular entertainments, festive decorations, and special holiday-themed food & beverages. The lantern festival in Yuyuan Garden, Shanghai, is one of China's national intangible cultural heritages, a key cultural event in Shanghai during the Spring Festival. This year is the year of Rooster. Our garden club member Chong L. fortunately visited this year's lantern festival in Yuyuan Garden, Shanghai, and made this video to share with our members. Enjoy!

(Click the arrow in middle of the video to start watching)

        Chicago Botanical Garden

Holiday Season 2017


Chicago Botanic Garden in Fall


December 2016

Lincoln Park Conservatory in Chicago offers visitors a tropical experience within its four display houses: Palm House, Fern Room, Orchid House and Show House, which is home to the annual flower shows. This historic facility continues to provide an escape to nature to the millions of visitors year round. Our club member Julie T. recently visited the park and brought back some pictures to share with our members.

            Seasonal Interests


Lincoln Park Conservatory​

 Chinese New Year of Monkey Display

Botanical garden at the Bellagio Hotel

At the Chinese New of Monkey,  the Bellagio Conservatory team creates a full-blown floral production to celebrate the Chinese New Year. For an entire week, the staff work 24 hours a day to transform the nearly 14,000-square-foot space with tens of thousands of flowers, trees, and plants.   The horticulturalists, who are artists in their own right, create jaw-dropping displays that most people couldn't even make with paper, let alone flowers. More than 10,000 potted flowers are hand-watered and refreshed frequently. Our AGC member Carolyn Y. had a chance to visit this amazing garden and brought back pictures to share with us. Thanks, Carolyn!

   ANTIOCH  GARDEN                                CLUB

Chicago Flower & Garden Show

Navy Pier, March 2018

Three  AGC members Cheryl Hoke, Carol Sackschewsky and Dee Obrochta at the Chicago Flower and Garden Show on Sunday, March 18th.  They volunteered at the Garden Club of Illinois, district IX booth to promote garden clubs in our district as well as the campaign in Illinois to save the Monarch butterfly.  It's a good opportunity to spoke to many people interested in the Garden Clubs, and had a great time visiting all the beautiful gardens and displays in the show. The theme of the Chicago Flower & Garden Show this year was "FLOWERTALES", every garden has a story to tell. It was a beautiful show (as always) this year.   A special thank you to Carol's husband, Roy, who drove us to the show!