Spring Planting Day 2019

May 11th, 2019 

Holiday Decoration 2019

Antioch Mini Park,  Dec 7th, 2019 

Fall Clean Up Day 2019

Nov 2nd, 2019 

Spring Clean Up Day 2019

April 13th, 2019 

Spring in Antioch Village Gardens 2019

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The Horticulture Committee promotes civic and environmental responsibility as it continues to nurture five Village gardens created and cared for by the Antioch Garden Club members.

        The gardens are:

The Mini-Park- Main Street,  between the Canton Tea Garden & J. J. Blinkers.

The Blue Star Memorial & Rock Garden- The intersection of Main St. (Rte. 83) & Depot Rd.

The Berm- The corner of Main St. and Orchard St.

The Seven-Sons Flower Tree Garden- On Orchard St. east of the Berm Garden, near the Skidmore Dive.

The Brad Ipsen Memorial-On Orchard St. between Berm and Seven Sons Tree Garden 

Our Village Gardens 

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Summer in Antioch Village Gardens 2019