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‚ÄčWreath Decoration of 2015
Antioch Senior Center                      
 Saturday, November 21st, 9:30 am, 2015

It was snowy, windy and cold on the day the club planned to have our Wreath Decoration done for the community. Nine brave and enthusiastic AGC members ventured out to the Antioch Senior Center.  Under the leadership of the Wreath Decoration Committee co-chair Julie Tsuchida and Mary Spliedt-Dietze, the event went smoothly and was a complete success. Everyone brought their creative skills, ideas and tools, plus decorative elements, numerous beautiful evergreen wreaths were made.  It was full of fun and holiday spirits. Members were also fortified with donuts and coffee donated by Dunkin Donuts.  The wreaths were then delivered and hung throughout the Antioch Village with help of Cindy Cartner's husband-Ted.  Many thanks to everyone who took part in this event. You Rock!

  Wreath Decoration of 2019

                   Antioch Senior Center                      

                     Saturday, November 23th, 9:30 am, 2019

We had another successful wreath decoration event this Saturday Nov. 23rd at the Antioch Senior center. The committee chair Carol Sackschewsky and her husband Roy did a superb job to organize the event. They got all the supplies ordered, delivered and set up the working place ahead of the time, also entertained members with coffee and donuts. What a better way to kick off the holiday season than that! Thank you, Carol and Roy! We have total 24 people participated, also include a new member, friends of the members and ladies from the Antioch historical society. More than 30 beautiful wreathes and swages were decorated. Everyone got their creative juices flow and holiday spirit high. These creations are being hung all over the Village of Antioch. We are very proud of "Cultivating a Nicer Community".

Wreath Decoration of the Past

  Wreath Decoration of 2017

                   Antioch Senior Center                      

                     Saturday, November 18th, 9:30 am, 2017

It was windy, rainy and then followed with snow in the morning of our holiday wreath decoration day. But the holiday spirit kept us going strong. Under the leadership of our wreath decoration project chairwoman Lynn Z. and the big help of her husband Don Z. , they got all the raw materials ready to make wreathes before everyone arriving. Plus the coffee and treats donated by Dunkin Donuts that made us all happy and toasty. Total 10 members participated in this event. We decorated dozens of festival wreathes and then delivered to numerous places all over the Antioch village.  It's sure to brighten the holiday season in our community.  We are very pride of to keep this tradition going every year as a special project of our club. 

  Wreath Decoration of 2018

                   Antioch Senior Center                      

                     Saturday, November 17th, 9:30 am, 2018

Despite of snowy cold day, we had a record turn out at the wreath decoration event of 2018. 20 people took part in this fun activity. Thanks to the diligent organizer Carol S. and Marylyn M. who got everything ordered, delivered and had the work place set up ahead of the time, that made the decoration work a breeze. We decorated a total of 17 wreaths and 6 swags within two hours. All the decorated items will be hung on the buildings in Antioch community include Antioch metro train station; Antioch village government buildings; several senior centers; Antioch Fine Arts Foundation building; United Methodist Church, Antioch Historical Society buildings; etc. in this holiday season. Antioch Garden Club is very proud of making Antioch village a beautiful community to live.

  Wreath Decoration of 2016

                   Antioch Senior Center                      

                     Saturday, November 19th, 9:30 am, 2016

What a great fun time we had at our wreath decorating event. Despite of  cold and windy weather, 15 members showed up. It's our tradition every year in November to get together making holiday wreathes and swags for the Antioch community.  The beautiful wreathes then hung all over the public buildings in the city. It's a great way to boost the holiday spirit. Members brought their creative skills, ideas and tools to make this a memorable event for the holiday season.

Wreath Decoration for the Holidays

It's our tradition to decorate holiday wreaths on a Saturday morning in November each year. We meet at the Antioch Senior Center. The members bring their creative skills, tools and additional decorating supplies to make beautiful evergreen wreaths. Those wreaths then displayed through out the Antioch Village. It's always filled of fun and a great way to get in the holiday spirit.